About Us


The Illinois Smart City and Region Association (ISCRA) is a 501C3 nonprofit organization that provides service, guidance, and education to Illinois communities and regions. The organization acts as a comprehensive platform where technology providers, together with, city staff and local elected officials converge to develop and deploy networked technologies to a city’s existing infrastructure to reduce operating costs, drive efficiencies and establish sustainable models with the intent on improving the quality of life for all citizens and businesses. 

ISCRA carries out their objective by bringing together through collaboration and partnership, technology vendors, city staff, and elected officials with a common goal to deploy next-generation systems and solutions to create real, positive, change in a community.

ISCRA is the State’s leading voice identifying and outlining technological needs of municipalities regardless of size to the vendor community. ISCRA is the trusted, impartial subject matter expert that municipalities refer to for education and information on which initiatives they should pursue and what deployment process to follow. 

ISCRA distributes the Smart city frameworks that communities use when initiating innovation, improving social experiences, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency within their pre-existing infrastructure to create a vibrant ecosystem that fosters public and private partnerships encouraging long-term, sustainable programs through such P3 arrangements.

The mission of ISCRA is to help communities deploy next-generation “smart technology” systems and solutions in a standard and integrative manner that allows neighboring communities to connect in the present or future terms in order to form smart regions. 

The vision if the Illinois Smart City and Region Associations  is a multi-layered concept. First, ISCRA expects to, one day, see every city and town within the state of Illinois using the ISCRA endorsed framework on data and technology. Second, expecting to see those cities deploy the systems, sensors and software in a standard manner so that each community is capable of integrating with their neighbor to create a larger Smart region. The ultimate goal is to achieve a unified and interoperable network of cities and towns throughout the state establishing one of the nation’s first true Smart States. Using  an instructional “how to” framework, ISCRA provides service, guidance, and education to all communities aligning them with reputable, reliable vendors who possess the needed technology. 

Our Existence

 The Illinois Smart City and Region Association exists to help communities as their leading resource connecting, educating, and deploying next-generation smart technologies and solutions in a standard and integrative manner forming the foundation of smart cities and creating the connected regions of tomorrow. ISCRA promotes a fundamental improvement of economic & quality of life conditions for city staff and municipal residents alike.

Our Approach

We connect municipal staff and local elected officials with information and technology providers for the sake of educating them on the immediate steps necessary to deploy smart systems within their communities making them operate more safely, effectively, and efficiently. ISCRA assists community stakeholders with developing future plans and a process to roll out a state sponsored Smart City Framework. 

Why Us?

Communities, community leaders, and city staff work in partnership with ISCRA to gain trusted relationships with technology vendors. Our team of technologists have experience both in the government and private sector, and can identify with the needs of public administrators